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  • Are you a licensed operator?
    Yes, we are proud to be a licensed operator through Shropshire Council since 2004. All drivers and vehicles are fully licensed in accordance with regulations.
  • Why should we book with a licensed operator?
    Licensed operators go through a local government licensing scheme, where all members of the team, from the owners to the chauffeurs, are CRB enhance checked, undergo drivers assessments, local knowledge tests, and vulnerable people awareness training.
  • Can a wedding/funeral company vehicle be used for our prom or private event?
    No, it is illegal and your party would be uninsured to travel in that vehicle.
  • Can an 8 seater limosuine "squeeze 1 more person in"?
    No, This would invalidate the vehicle's insurance, making it illegal to travel in this way.
  • Are Limousines safe and roadworthy?
    Yes, all of our vehicles are built by approved coach builders, who carry out formalities to satisfy the manufacturers, in order to obtain the documentation for UK use.
  • How do I know a Limousine is licensed?
    Visit the vehicle at the operators premises. We would always advise to see the vehicle for yourself and request to see relevant licensing documentation.
  • Do your vehicles have current MOTs?
    Our low mileage wedding only vehicles get one full MOT per year, under our licensing regulations, all of our private hire limousines receive 3 MOTs per year.
  • Do you own the vehicles shown on your website?
    Yes, we have spent over 20 years building up our small fleet of special vehicles and enjoy sharing them with others.
  • Are your chauffeurs employed bythe business or are they self-employed?
    All of our chauffeurs are employed by the business, and are fully insured and licensed, giving you peace of mind on your special day.
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